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Online training

Vital Monkeys developed an online training for children and their adult educators that wants to contribute to the awareness process. The training is called 'Kids Go Mindful family training'. With this, children and adults learn to deal with all kinds of feelings, thoughts and emotions.


Especially now, in times of Corona, we believe it is important that children are introduced to these exercises. We are dealing with insecurity, fear and they suddenly have fewer and different social contacts than before. With the Kids Go Mindful training, we strive for a brighter future for ourselves and for future generations.


The training provides meaningful tools to gain insights into both mental and physical health, which we believe are inextricably linked. The training also offers tools to deal with common fears. By means of various meditations, breathing and movement exercises you can create a moment together with your child in which there is room for relaxation and loving attention for yourself and your child. With this training, you as a family gain insight into your thinking & acting and you learn to deal with your own and each other's energy in a smarter way.


By participating you have access to our online community where you can share experiences and access the 6-week training for an entire year. You learn and get inspired together! We started the launch of the training in the Netherlands and will launch the English training in the course of 2022. 

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