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Online courses

Vital Monkeys developed online courses for children and their adult educators that want to contribute to the awareness process. Especially now, in times of Covid, we believe it is important that children and adults are introduced to these exercises. We are dealing with insecurity, fear and suddenly have fewer and different social contacts than before. All our courses provide meaningful tools to gain insights into both mental and physical health, which we believe are inextricably linked. We strive for a brighter future for ourselves and for future generations.

Below you can find our current offer. At the moment we only provide each training in Dutch. Therefore all the links will be referred to the Dutch website of Vital Monkeys. All courses are for parents/educators AND children together. We are busy developing new content and we are always looking for new collaborations, so reach out if you are interested to join Vital Monkeys!


Magical Minds

In our first training with Marleen we practice with our mindset and learn how to deal with difficult feelings, thoughts and emotions. We use learning methods from Yoga, Mindfulness, Ayurveda and Pedagogy. It is a beautiful training to feel more confident, stress resistant and happy. By means of various meditations, breathing and movement exercises you can create a moment together with your child in which there is room for relaxation and loving attention for yourself and your child

Mindfulness training

In the Mindfulness training from Daphne you will learn (and experience) what mindfulness is and how you can use mindfulness for more calmness, pleasure and awareness. You will learn to look at your thoughts from a distance and don't take them too seriously. The training creates more connection between you and your child(ren), and creates more moments of rest and enjoyment in your life!

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In the Yoga Mandy training, we focus on the interaction between the parent and the child. We will move, discover and relax together through yoga postures based on a story. The training is good for the mind and for our body! It helps with our concentration, self-confidence, mobility and creativity, but it is above all a lot of fun to do together! Are you joining our yoga adventure?


Happiness training

Joanna, the Happiness Expert, talks about permanent happiness. Which means; raising the base level of happiness permanently. You can increase this base level by 40%! And it has been proven that people who do this are much less likely to be sick, they are more creative and more positive. They can also perform better and are more successful at work. In addition, they suffer much less from stress-related complaints. You will learn this and more in the happiness training. In this training you will get answers to the following questions: What do we mean by 'true happiness'? What does happiness consist of? How can you optimize your own happiness?

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