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As an employer, you can support our mission together with Vital Monkeys by offering our online courses to your employees. The mission of Vital Monkeys is to promote mental health and vitality within and outside the family. Our ambition is to create more awareness among parents and children and give them tools to deal with the hectic pace of everyday life. With this, we hope that people are more positive and aware in life with less stress and that we contribute to burnout prevention.

Vital Monkeys offers additional trainings compared to programs that only focus on the employee itself. Our training is meant to be for families, other programs focus on the individual employee. We do not want to forget about the “situation behind” the employee. His or her family forms the basis of good performance and a good work-life balance. It surprised us that the family does not get or gets too little attention within a lot of corporate environments.

The first module we offer is the 6-week Kids Go Mindful family training. This is a combination of yoga, mindfulness exercises, insights from pedagogy and the mindset theory. It is a complete training that you follow together with your child to make more room for relaxation, fun and loving attention for each other. It is suitable for children from 7/8 to 12 years old. In this, parents and children learn how to better deal with all kinds of difficult feelings, thoughts and emotions.

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Reduce stress, increase happy employees


What does Vital Monkeys bring to your organization?

A distinctive addition to existing vitality programs

More peace of mind within the family situation of your employees

Promoting a healthy and pleasant work/life balance

Favorable investment to reduce absenteeism and to make this controllable

More positive employees

Stress-resistant employees

A family that is happy with the employer of your employee

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Why is this so important now?

Sick leave due to stress has always been there, but right now people almost always work from home and are confronted with the continuous "cooperation" with the family. Children are always at home and employees are trying to work. Unfortunately, your employees are not trained to also be teachers, this in combination with their own work is almost an impossible job. But even when everything goes back to the old normal, this training is very desirable. We will again have to participate fully in the daily rat race and all the social issues that come with it.


Finding a good balance is therefore extremely important. We offer a unique combination of awareness training in which children participate with their caregivers/parents. As a result, there is peace at home and your employee is better prepared against the stress of this challenging period.


Working on your mindset and learning to deal with stress - through breathing techniques, mindfulness and yoga - can play a huge role in preventing stress and burnouts.



Any Questions or interested in a collaboration? Fill in our contact form or send us an email.

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